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The competition is closed


Firstly, a huge  thank you to everybody who entered the Why I Love Using Focus competition. We were delighted to see that you and your students love the book every bit as much as we do.  In fact, we were so pleased with the quality of the entries that we decided everyone who sent us a video should be rewarded with a copy of Focus 5.  

It was so difficult to pick the winner that we eventually decided there needed to be a further prize for second place. That’s why the following teachers will be getting not just Focus 5 but also a special gift signed by Vaughan Jones as an extra thanks for taking part:

Zoya Sagaidak (Odesa) Watch the video

Tetyana Volyak (village Birky) Watch the video

Daria Beletskaya (Odesa) Watch the video

Mariya Sosnovskaya (Odesa) Watch the video

Olena Ilchenko (Lviv) Watch the video

Irene Linetskaya (Odesa) Watch the video

Ilina Podolyan (Odesa) Watch the video

Olena Yakovenko (Kyiv) Watch the video

It took us a long time to finally choose just one of the videos to take first prize. In the end, we simply couldn’t so we selected two winners instead: 

Liudmyla Babichok  from school number 5 in Novyi Rodzil WATCH the VIDEO

Oksana Zaluzhna from the Ukrainian Gymnasium of Humanities after O. Stepaniv in Lviv . WATCH the VIDEO

Congratulations, Liudmyla and Oksana! 

We loved the way you involved your students in the video and we could see exactly how much both you and they benefit from using Focus in your lessons.  We’re glad they appreciate the fantastic vocabulary, memorable language input and motivating activities and we’re sure they’ll do really well in their exams.

Thanks very much to all our Focus users!  

Michael Hudson and Robert Hartigan